PhotoFrame Draw is a similar application as ScratchArt Draw and is only available for Windows Phone.
The main difference is that is has only a single drawing layer.

What is “PhotoFrame Draw”?

PhotoFrame Draw lets you combine a photo with text and drawings. For instance, you can take a photo and add a nice colorful frame and a greeting. Next you can send it to your friends and family. You could also add some annotation to a photo for instruction purposes.

How does it work?

I will show you how it works. Let’s start the application. You will see three icons at the bottom:
– a camera for importing a photo
– a pen for adding a drawing
– a letter T for adding tekst.
Lets start by importing a photo. With the camera icon you could take a photo right away. For now, I will select a photo from the library. You can move, zoom in or out with the pinch gesture. You can also rotate the photo with commands in the menu. Let’s tap on the OK button.

Now I want to add some text. I tap on the text icon. For adding new text, I click on the ‘+’ icon. The default text ABC appears. I can move it. By double tapping you can change the properties. First I change the text. Now I resize the text. I can change the font to normal or italic. And I can select a different font. You can also use the web dings or wing dings font. Let’s change the color also. I will tap the OK icon. Let’s move it to the right position and rotate the text. Now I am done and I will tap the OK icon. Now I want to add some drawing. I will tap on the pen icon. First I will select a color. You see a number of basic colors. But can create any color you want. Here I change colors. Here I can make the colors darker. And here I can make the colors transparent. At the top left you see the eraser icon. With the button in the center, you can choose how colors are overlapping. The default is that they overlap. With this mode colors are subtracted. With this mode colors are added. I will show you. The last mode lets you create special effects. You can make nice roses. This was the fun part.

You can also use the app to add some useful annotation. Do you remember the number on the shoes? I will show you! I will put a circle around it!
In order to save the new image, I tap on the OK icon. Now I am in the home menu. In the menu you see the save button.    

Privacy statement

This application allows you to save your work (drawing) to the default picture library on your device. This application allows you to share your work (drawing) over the internet. This application does not collect or publish any personal information.



View the embedded image gallery online at: